Salon and Spa



                                                          Prices Starting at:

Face Framing Highlights: 1 hr

    Highlights foiled or painted on where hair falls to frame      the face.                                 $58.00

Partial Highlights: 1hr 15 min

    Highlights foiled or painted at top of head and crown          areas.                                     $73.00

3/4 Highlights: 1hr 30 min

    Highlights foiled or painted throughout top of head to        behind the ears.                       $87.00

Full Highlights: 1hr 45 min

     Highlights foiled or painted throughout the entire head       down to the nape of the neck.     $102.00

Additional Color: 20 min

    Lowlights, separate color or extra color usage, added          onto a base service.                     $25.00